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Val Noble - adv. dip. hom.
Specialist Homoeopath

15 Anson Avenue, Clapham
South Australia   5062

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Other Services

Other services available
Ear candling
Effective and safe way of removing ear wax
bacteria + fluid from the ears.
If done on a regular basis can assist in clearing airways and unblocking sinuses and preventing symptoms of ear infections, wax build up and sinus problems.

Hair Analysis
Defines mineral levels of the body which if out of balance can cause many disturbances in your health.
Quite often people will take supplements on the belief it will correct the problems but find they are taking the wrong mineral.
This can actually exacerbate the symptoms if there is an absorption problem then no amount of supplements will help until this is corrected first.
Hair analysis also shows any heavy metal toxicity and the report gives dietary recommendations to assist balance.

Allergy testing
Once an allergy is defined, homoeopathy can help in desensitising and correcting the body to alleviate the symptoms.

Foot Reflexology
is a relaxing therapeutic foot massage that stimulates all the organs in the body to assist healing.

is a form of deep relaxation & a deep meditative state, where a the mind is assisted in changing old patterns usually derived from the sub conscious. This can assist in things like stop smoking, weight loss, nail biting etc but also Anxiety,exams, phobias & depression.

Easy Fat Release weight loss programme.
This is for people who have tried all the other diets out there & also for men & women who would like to reduce stomach fat with out looking drawn in the face. Reprogramming the endocrine system to increase metabolic rate & reduce excess weight even with out exercise. Your muscle tone will stay & you will feel more energised & much healthier. If your really serious about your health & losing weight then I highly recommend this programme, Get started today!

Fertility Programme
Having trouble getting pregnant? Been on the contraceptive pill too long? Tried IVF? Suffer from an Irregular Menstrual cycle? Emotions unbalanced?

Homeopathy can help you with a gentle, natural homeopathic programme to get you & your hormones balanced. Homeopathy also works on your state of mind & the emotional stress caused by the inbalance in natural hormones. I have seen the changes in women once this happens and they go on to live happier lives, & husbands/partners definitly notice a difference. Stress levels reduce, sleep improves, balances emotional rollercoasters. Programme can also include the male partner. Give Homeopathy a try it will be well worth it!


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