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Homoeopathy Explained

Homoeopathy is a unique concept of healing which has been around since the 18th century It has gone in and out of fashion over many years but not like traditional medicine, which is everchanging, it's principals have always stayed the same.

It's these principals that make it so unique "Like cures Like".
By taking a remedy that matches your symptoms exactly it can remove the symptoms from the body, creating a healing process.
Which in turn creates balance and ease to the dis-ease.
Homoeopaths prescribe small dosages, therefore having a gentle action, but a powerful response, and goes on to assist the body to heal itself.

Homoeopathy is about taking responsibility for your own health and this can entail not only recognizing our physical problems but also our mental and emotional thoughts and feelings.
Personality also plays a role as we are all individuals, for example you may get 2 people complaining of a cold but they have varying symptoms and susceptibilities.
One person may have a cold that starts in the throat then moves to the chest and another will have congestion, headache + runny nose.
Many things are taken into consideration on diagnosis to get the most effective remedy, is the patient thirsty, effects of appetite, energy levels, body temperature etc.

Many years ago when visiting your local family doctor, they would spend time with you, also they would know all your family history, it was a bit like talking to a family friend, in confidence.
In our fast paced world these old traditional values seem to have been lost.
When a homoeopath sees you for the first visit they will spend 1 - 1.5 hours with you depending on the case.
Casetaking involves presenting symptoms, personal and family history, lifestyle, diet and getting to know you as a person. to come to a complete diagnosis.
Comments from patients after a consultation is that they feel they have been listened to and without judgement, appreciate the time spent, which is all part of a healing process.
All consultations are treated with absolute confidentiality.


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